Personal Machine

  • $1499.00

Just the basics: coffee, cappucino, lattes, and hot water.

This machine offers all the basic such as cappucino, coffee, and latte machiato. Plus you can easily make iced coffee, tea, iced tea, and hot chocolate. You get one of the most coffee makers used in professional cafes but scaled down for home use. The 15 barr pump and grinder are the most powerful available, so you can always get consistently great coffee. The machine keeps itself clean by rinsing before and after every use. It automatically does a deep clean about every 3 months to keep the insides clean, sanitary, and fresh. The water filter ensures the water is always clean.

Product #15116
Weight20.7 lbs
DrinksCoffee, latte machiato, cappucino, espresso, steamed milk, and hot water
Dimensions:9.1"w x 12.7"h x 17.5"d
Water Tank Size:64 oz (Approx. 10 coffees)
FilterCLEARYL Blue
Warranty2 Year
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